Best VR Headsets for Under $100

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Best VR Headsets for Under $100

Finding the best VR headset can be extremely important. You want a good system to enhance your experience and ideally it shouldn’t cost a fortune either. Finding a virtual reality headset less than one hundred dollars can be very much possible and it can be a high quality, if not the best, headset also. Remember, you don’t always have to part with hundreds and hundreds of dollars to find the best; many headsets are pretty affordable and are easy to find. The following are just a handful of the latest and greatest headsets available today for less than one hundred dollars. click here for more details.

The Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR has been around for a little while now and it remains a very popular virtual reality headset for millions of users worldwide. This is made by Samsung for Samsung smart phones and are fairly easy to use also. The Gear VR is one of the best VR headsets available and it quite affordable. Updating and moving between apps is simple and you shouldn’t experience too much trouble either. All apps can be purchased via the Oculus store and while you can’t use Google apps with the Gear VR, it’s still a great and affordable headset. for further information, visit :

Best VR Headsets for Under $100

The Daydream View

One of the very best VR headsets available has to be the Daydream View. This VR is pretty easy to use and very affordable also. You probably won’t pay any more than eighty dollars for this, less if you can get it on sale, and it’s one of the best VR headsets available also. The design is very simple yet appealing and it is also an open platform which is perfect to say the least. What is more, it can run with a variety of smart phones too which is impressive as you don’t often see this.


For most people, they don’t have any experience with virtual reality and want to start off with a basic kit to get them used to it. The FIIT VR 2S is going to be the ideal solution and while this is an entry level headset it’s one of the very best VR headsets and kits to choose. The headset is affordable and can be easily setup within a matter of minutes. This can also fit-over glasses and you shouldn’t have too much trouble using the set.

The Bobo VR Z4 Headset

If you are interested in finding the best VR set, you may want to consider the Bobo VR Z4. This is a very impressive looking headset and it does offer one of the best viewing capabilities also. The headset is pretty light in terms of weight and you shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting the headset over eye glasses if you wear them. It’s pretty affordable as well which is a plus point.

New-Age Technology

Virtual reality headsets vary considerably and while you might think they’re all the same, they do vary somewhat. That is why you have to look at all options available and find one you like and actually offers best value for money. The above are only a handful of headsets available, there are many more although. Find the best VR headset and enjoy virtual reality.